Our First Residence

Roger Hunt

Roger Hunt's mill was constructed in 1739, when Downingtown was known as Milltown, due to the numerous mills in the area.  The grist mill ground grain into animal feed and flour by the friction produced by millstones of various grades.  Sifting, or "bolting" cloths allowed the finished product to be separated as needed.

It is only fitting that our first residence is named for our property's namesake, Roger Hunt. Mr. Hunt was a coordinator of supplies from a section of Chester County during the French and Indian Wars and elected to the Pennsylvania Province Assembly (sometimes known as the Pennsylvania Provincial Assembly) seven times between 1749 and 1761.  The Assembly was the representative branch of government in the Province of Pennsylvania and was established in 1682 by William Penn.  Mr. Hunt was the son-in-law of local land owner, sadler, and justice of the peace George Aston and after Aston's death moved to "Milltown" from Lancaster to assume the responsibilities of Aston's five hundred acre estate on the western side of Downingtown.

Luckily, your move to Roger Hunt Mill will be under much happier circumstances, as you secure your place in Downingtown History!

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